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PROJECT Heartbreak Pavilion (35mm / Color / 110min / THAILAND) NO 12
PRODUCTION Kick the Machine Films Co., Ltd.

Thunska PANSITTIVORAKUL graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in Art Education. He is a film columnist for several Thai magazines including 'Bioscope' 'Movie Time', 'Cinemag', 'Thai Film Quarterly', and 'Hamburger'. He has made several shorts and feature documentaries, and is regarded as a new voice in the Thai underground scene. His films reveal the hidden lives of the Bangkok people; those who struggle to find true love and fame. His works have been shown at several international film festivals.

He is also the founder of www.thaiindie.com which is the website for all non-mainstream filmmakers with distinct styles. He currently lives and works in Bangkok.


Sompot CHIDGASORNPONGSE graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in Interior Architecture. He has worked with Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL on several projects includes "The Adventure of Iron Pussy" (2003), "Tropical Malady" (2004), and "Worldly Desires" (2005). He is a second assistant director in "3 Needles" (2004, a Canadian film by Thom FITZGERALD), a casting assistant in "Holly" (2004, an American film by Guy MOSHE). He is a newcomer as a filmmaker who has the most unique and promising style among his contemporaries. His shorts were shown at several international film festivals.
Note: 'Heartbreak Pavilion' is a popular magazine that publishes letters from people who is heartbroken. The stories are incorporated with beautiful landscapes, poems, movie stars’ pictures, beauty tips, crime stories, delicate drawings, etc. The film is inspired by the magazine’s format, with a focus on the theme “Celebration of Love and Massacre.” Heartbreak Pavilion will be a musical tale of lovers whose lives slowly plunged into a mayhem and gruesome murder in the middle of the sea - based on true stories.


A schoolgirl falls in love with her classmate, who treats her with all his romantic charms. Then he is recruited into the army. Months later, he comes back a different man. At a town’s fair, she cannot control her rage when she discovers him with a factory girl. She takes revenge on both of them under the watchful eyes of the whole village • A man is a slave to love. He changes jobs constantly to please his wife. By day, he is a rambutan seller. By night, he strips off his clothes and dances away to the disco beats as a-go-go boy. He finally buys her a ring, which she rarely wears. On his last attempt to please her, he raids a mobile phone shop. He is sent to jail, where her only visit is to ask him for a divorce • Throughout the years, a man witnesses an innocent girl blossom into a hot teenager. She exploits her lascivious breasts and hip stealing hearts of young men around the rubber plantations. He determines to love her even with her relentless sexual appetite • A policeman learns that his brother is a drug addict. He has to turn him into prison, where his brother has contracted HIV through repeatedly gang rapes, and died. The policeman then vows revenge on every homosexual. But soon he becomes sick with brain tumor. In a hospital, out of his longing for his dead brother, he starts a brotherhood relationship with an anonymous boy. The sick man is succumbed to his passion and hatred.


All the characters from the previous Love section are cast namelessly onto a fishing boat that is floating towards southern Indonesia. During the long month at sea, they experience harsh treatments by a derange captain who shoots and kills the crew one by one as the days progress. In this game of death and carnage, only the fittest will survive. Cannibal is not a sin; it is the way to stay alive. Men use all their bravado and cunning, women use all their charm. Blood is spilled; gut is revealed, and as body count is rising, sailors unmask their true animalistic nature.


In a stormy night, a doctor is kidnapped by her patient, who is a policeman. He attempts to rape her in the sugarcane field. But she fights back and runs towards a pavilion surrounded by the ominous mountains. The pavilion answers her relentless questions about love.
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